The Posthuman Project

With the heart of a John Hughes film with the energy of a superheroes, 'The Posthuman Project' is a feature-length independent superhero film which focuses on the roots of the teenage experience, capturing that careful mix of invulnerability and powerlessness that only youth can conjure. More info where you can purchase the film at


Best Oklahoma Film // DeadCENTER Film Festival
Best Editing // Florida Supercon
Official Selection // San Diego Comic Con
Best Male Actor // FLY Film Festival
Best Oklahoma Film // FLY Film Festival
Best Feature // FLY Film Festival
Best Special Effects // Austin Indie Flicks
Best Director // Orlando Film Festival
Best Forgiveness Film // Family and Forgiveness Film Festival
Best Feature Film // ShockPop Comic Con
Best Narrative Feature // Trail Dance Film Festival
Best Feature Film // Long Beach Comic Con
John Hughes Memorial Award // Clean Shorts Film Festival
Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film // Bare Bones Film Festival
Trailblazer Award // Bare Bones Film Festival

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In a world where magic reigns, one tyrant was the undisputed ruler. But when magic opens a portal to our world, it's up to a pizza delivery woman to make the most important delivery of her life.

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