The Grave

Emmy-Award winning director Kyle Roberts brings Matthew Price's hero 'The Grave' to life in this live action film.


In 1920s Oklahoma City, a few men are above the law. Fortunately, crusading reporter Walter Crim stands up to those who would oppress the innocent. When Crim can't achieve his aims through the press alone, he becomes the dark avenger known as 'The Grave'!


The film stars Rett Terrell as Walter Crim/The Grave. Terrell is known for his roles as “Army of Frankensteins,” “The Posthuman Project” and “Vampires Suck.” Terrell stars as Bobby Mitchell in “My All American,” in theaters now. Alissa Rose joins the cast as the seductive and insightful Alice, once the love of Crim’s life, but who now may find herself caught up in a dangerous situation -- and Crim can’t be sure on what side her loyalties lie.

Producers include Vahid Farzaneh and Matthew Price. “‘The Grave’ is a story about a man pushed to his limits; who wants to do what’s right but finds himself blocked at every turn by those with more power and influence. In an effort to stop those above the law from harming the innocent, he’s willing to take the law into his own hands -- and bear the brunt of the consequences. The film was written by Matthew Price, based on his comic book originally illustrated by Hunter Huskey and Jerry Bennett. Bennett has created murals, portraits and T-shirt designs for clients including Marvel, Lucasfilm and the Stan Lee Foundation.